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Below, you have the chance to win free silver prizes by signing up to our monthly wholesale deals newsletter. The newsletter goes out every first of the month. Once you subscribe, you automatically get entered into the QRC FREE Giveaway Contest which puts you into a drawing of at least twenty (20) other participants for a chance to win some high value silver prizes, so what are you waiting for?? 

Once we have offically signed up at least twenty (20) sign ups, the drawing begins Midnight, the following night! The winner(s) will be contacted through e-mail informing them they have won and we will be requesting their mailing address. Winner will receive their prize in the mail 1-2 weeks after the contest officially ends. Only one (1) winner per prize. We will pay for the postage and handling. We at Quality Rare Coins reserve the right to deny anyone abusing the contest in any way. This is a fun giveaway and we're expecting you all to have fun with it. We will know if anyone tries to have their friends sign up just to win the prizes; so our advice is not to try it.

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Contest Ended: Midnight, April 27th, 2013

The Prizes

  • 1st Place: (1) oz Sterling Silver Presidential Inauguration Medal by the Franklin Mint
  • 2nd Place: (1) Half ounce $10 Norfed Silver Round (Rare and Discontinued)
  • 3rd Place: (1) 90% B.U Washington Silver Quarter

Win FREE Silver! 

1st Place Prize Winner - bigjpst aka Jay Robinson Rare Co

2nd Place Prize Winnerblue62vette

3rd Place Prize Winner  - Wes

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